Biographies Of The Women Companions

Biographies Of The Women Companions


Women were looked down upon in Arabia - nay, all over the world - before Islam. The Qur'aan emphasised her status and Muslims came to respect and value her.

Islam defined the right of women and in the words of a Hadith, ''the woman is the guardian of her husbands household.''

This book recall the lives of the Prophet's (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and daughters and other famous women companions. It emphasises the fields where they excelled. Their exploits cover the religious, political and literary fields. They used to weave cloth , till the soil, engage in writing and do business.

The second part of the book deals with specific departments of their lives. It draws a pen picture of the faith of these women, their character, their social life and their service to humanity.

The authors have done a painstaking job and the translator has done justice to their work.

Cover: Hardback

Author: Mawlanas Sa'id Ansari Nadwi / 'Abd al-Salam Nadwi

Pages: 286

Weight: 458(Gram)


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