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Al-Hijama (Cupping) - Healing the Sunnah Way

Al-Hijama (Cupping) - Healing the Sunnah Way


Getting Hijamah done is the Sunnah of Rasoolalaah (SAW)

He himself got Hijamah done and advised others to get it done, as this was advised to him by the angels when he was on Mairaj (Ascension to the heavens). Its authenticity and importance can be accessed from the fact that Imam Bukhari has allotted 5 chapters to Hijamah in his Sahih. In this brief book, we have dealt with some general principles of attaining physical and spiritual health in the Sunnah way with diagrams on the sites to be used in various diseases. It is a very simple and most effective form of treatment.




AuthorDr. Amjad Ahsan Ali
PublisherZam Zam Publishers
Size21.5 x 14cm
Item Weight240g
Item CategoryMedicine

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