Ahsan Al Qasas

Ahsan Al Qasas


The mention of the name Yusuf normally makes one recall the story of the great Prophet of Allah, Yusuf (a.s.). His detailed mention in the Qur’aan, in a chapter under the same name, holds host to a whole range of lessons, meanings and emotions waiting to be embraced by the keen of mind. This is Surah Yusuf, a mark for all mankind.

This book attempts to bring the meanings and deeper interpretations of this Surah to the doorstep of the reader. While maintaining the authenticity of sources, this commentary unveils the story of Yusuf (a.s.) as well as opens the door to many sub-topics buried within the surah. Dreams and interpretations, slavery, kinship, and forebearance are some of the insights brought to light for the benefit of the reader.

This book is an enlightening and educational reading for one seeking a comprehensive understanding of an aspect revealed in the Islamic scripture, the Holy Qur’an.


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